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And I’m Back!

Hello my three loyal readers. Sorry for the humongous delay in posting. Unfortunately it is really a combination of being really busy at work, and not having any time to play with new stuff.

Fortunately I just got a new VNX5200 and a Dell Blade Chassis m1000e I have been installing/configuring/implementing. So all of you will be seeing a lot more of me very soon 🙂


Stay Posted!

vNoob Learning Puppet

Yes, Puppet has been out for a while now. Yes, I am sure a ton of people already have “Getting Started with Puppet” posts. Well, I am going to do it. I have been wanting to become more familiar with Puppet for a while and just haven’t sat down to do it. Looking at the… Continue Reading

vNoob at VMWorld 2012 Day .75

Sunday was a pretty interesting day. After waking up a bit late, since there wasn’t much going on I head down to check in to the conference and check out the Hand’s on Labs(HOLs). This however turned out to be not the best though, as soon as the labs opened the wait was immediately an… Continue Reading