Finding Templates with PowerCLI

Although this doesn’t happen often sometimes I find that I have misplaced a template. I mean that a template I know exists is not in the inventory and I am not sure on which datastore I need to go to re-add it back to the inventory. Granted I don’t personally have many datastores to look… Continue Reading

Lower HIGH Java RAM Usage on vCenter Server

This is especially useful for SMB who don’t have large environments, and can’t throw resources at a vCenter Server This is what one of my vCenter Servers looked like recently To give some insight, this is a vCenter that manages around 3 hosts and 50 VMs. I quickly found a KB about java memory usage… Continue Reading

vNoob Learning Puppet

Yes, Puppet has been out for a while now. Yes, I am sure a ton of people already have “Getting Started with Puppet” posts. Well, I am going to do it. I have been wanting to become more familiar with Puppet for a while and just haven’t sat down to do it. Looking at the… Continue Reading

Post VMworld Resources

Although VMworld 2014 US is now over, we can still continue to learn from it. Even if you accomplished everything you set out to do at VMworld, there is never a way to do everything there. Or Maybe you didn’t even have a chance to go to VMworld, and feel like you may have missed… Continue Reading

VMware vCenter MDMP Files

My vCenter Server was acting up and throwing a bunch of random errors. When I started investigating it appeared that the C drive was out of space. Completely Out. Yeah, I guess I haven’t been a very good administrator…. So after a few minutes of some quick cleaning and getting everything up and running I… Continue Reading

VMHost Heartbleed Fix for ESXi 5.5

If you don’t know about Heartbleed yet…Well I don’t know what to say… I guess check this out. Unfortunately, ESXi is susceptible to this The full kb is here from VMware Fortunately it can be patched with everyone’s favorite patch tool VMware Update Manager Now that I have been able to scan my… Continue Reading

VMware Update Manager Errors On Scan

While working on getting my hosts properly patched, I found I couldn’t even do a scan on them. Alright so next I took a look at the esxupdate log on the host. Both of these correspond to a VMware kb found Here The cause as listed in the KB “This error occurs when two VIBs… Continue Reading

Cannot Synchronize Host Error

  There were a couple of Hosts in a cluster that had been in maintenance mode for  a while. One morning I look and see this error So naturally I see if there is a KB, and there is   Sweet, that sounds easy enough to do…   When Reconnecting.. That doesn’t seem to work… Continue Reading

Clearing Stubborn Hardware Status Errors

Sometimes those hardware status Errors/Warnings do not want to clear even after you have fixed the issue In my case, I had a drive failed in a ESXi host that had 2 drives in Raid 1. No Biggie, just replace the drive. After replacing the drive and confirming everything was in the green(via an IBM… Continue Reading