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Quick Tip: Check VMs for VMTools Upgrade Policy

I know I have posted before regarding changing the vmtools upgrade policy, which you can find here. I noticed that I didn’t have an explanation about how to check the current vmtools upgrade policy.

Fortunately, it is just an easy one-liner 🙂


get-view -ViewType virtualmachine| format-table name, @{name="ToolsUpgradePolicy";E={$}}

Granted, I select out just the name and the upgrade policy, so if you wanted the output to be different, it would be easy enough to do so.














From there you can go back to my original post, and change the settings you want.


Use PowerCLI to run SRM Test Recovery Plans

  Requirements: PowerShellGet Module PowerCLI PowerCLI SRM MeadowCroft Module/Cmdlets   The latest PowerCLI and PowerCLI SRM are generally not available for conventional download, and the PowerShellGet Module is needed to download and install them.   PowershellGet is inherently included in: Windows 10+ Server 2016+ Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5+ Powershell 6   For Powershell versions… Continue Reading

Using PowerCLI to Automate SRM Post Power On Commands

Long Title… But first things first. Ben Meadowcroft created several cmdlets and even a module using the SRM API. Having spent a good deal of time in the SRM API myself, let me tell you….IT IS A MESS. Long story short Ben, spent a lot of time creating this really helpful module, and you… Continue Reading

Finding Templates with PowerCLI

Although this doesn’t happen often sometimes I find that I have misplaced a template. I mean that a template I know exists is not in the inventory and I am not sure on which datastore I need to go to re-add it back to the inventory. Granted I don’t personally have many datastores to look… Continue Reading

vNoob Guide to Getting Tail

Being in the Tech Industry it can something some of us think about quite often. We think about it at work, when we go home, when we are out with friends, in the shower, and everywhere. For those who don’t have much experience with it, it can be awkward. For those who have the courage… Continue Reading

Check ESXi Host VAAI with PowerCLI

vStorage APIs for Array Integration, or VAAI, allows the vSphere ESXi hosts to offload some of their storage workloads to the Storage arrays. Some of these workloads might be Storage vMotion a VM or provisioning a vmdk among others. VAAI is generally enabled by default on Hosts and most Storage Arrays support it. There are… Continue Reading

PowerCLI and VM Swap File Policy

VM Swap File Policy Comes down to three choices : WithVM, On a Defined Datastore, or Inherit from on high. Now if that isn’t clear enough, there are also potentially three different places where you can set the VM’s Swap File Policy. These are on the VM, on the cluster, or if there isn’t a… Continue Reading