I have been in the technology field for over a decade, working specifically with VMware and Automation. During this time I have achieved my several VCPs and VCAPs. I have also been fortuante enough to be awarded the vExpert award a number of times since 2012.

This blog is and was created with the idea that all of us are always learning and evolving throughout our IT careers. I wanted to share my experiences and lessons I have learned through this blog, and hopefully make another’s growth a bit easier

After all, everyone is a Noob at something.

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VMworld US 2012: The Day 0 Buzz » WoodITWork.com · August 27, 2012 at 2:04 am

[…] and continued the social networking theme, meeting up with Chris Wahl, John Troyer, Alan Renouf, Conrad Ramos (vNoob) and Alaric […]

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