My vCenter Server 5.0 Upgrade Experience

It sucked. This is all mostly my own fault. I spent a few hours fighting with an issue I shouldn’t have any dealings with at all. I admit, I had a super noob moment.

For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember. vCenter 5 does not support SQL Server 2005 Express. I know I certainly had forgotten about it in all my excitement to upgrade. So when the installer kept failing and I couldn’t figure out the issue…Yep, that was it.

Side Note: I was going to do a “How to Upgrade Guide” for vCenter Server, but I found this one Here, and decided I couldn’t really be more thorough then that. So check it out!

What I ended up doing in my frustration is just completely forgetting about my existing DB and let the installer do its own thing. Fortunately for me, this is a test environment, and an environment in which I am not super attached to the DB. However some good did come out of it though as I have some good resources for what seems to be some common install issues…


DB Issues

vCenter Service Issues

Hope This Helps! Let me know











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