Chapter 9 Filtering and Comparisons

This was a short chapter but still had some unexpected nuggets of knowledge. An interesting thing was I was not aware, and/or never noticed that sometimes the properties listed from a format-list or format-table are not always the actual property names you would find in a get-member. I know!!! Crazy Right?!?!

This chapter also explained general best practices for filtering objects and results. Everything made complete sense I had just never really though about them as a best practice before.

As always, Super Cool Stuff!

Chapter 10 Remote control: one to one, and one to many

This was an Awesome Chapter! I have been wondering for a long time what I can do to make my powershell remoting life better and I think this did just that for me.

Of course it is pointed out… and I didn’t know(shame on me), the help about_remote_troubleshooting has a ton of info in there… even stuff about GPOs. Nice!

Easily the best thing about this chapter was the nice long section comparing and contrasting Invoke-Command vs. -computername(within cmdlets). This was awesome for me, because a good portion of the powershell work I do is remoting One-Many. Although I have used invoke-command a couple of times in the past, I am definitely going to be using it more. Along with just being smarter in general about which remoting direction I take that work best with my needs on a particular project. Can’t stress enough about how awesome this chapter was to me!

Super Duper Awesome Chapter, and the next chapter looks to be WMI..Sweetness!

Chapter 11 Tacking Windows Management Instrumentation

For me, WMI has always been somewhat of an enigma. I have used it several times, but I have never really understood this notion of namespaces, classes, and instances. Fortunately for me, and us, the author(DonJones) explains it all in this chapter in way that, Just Make Sense. I also liked the fact that Don very much understands that although WMI can be super useful, it is just as much or more so misunderstood.

The tips and tools provided in this chapter for discovering and unraveling the mysteries of WMI are ones I know for a fact I will be using in the not to distant future.  Great and incredibly useful chapter!


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