I don’t normally have a post like this but this time I just can’t help myself.

Last week I had decided that I was finally going to setup VMware VASA for my Equallogic, so I started doing research to find out more. Previously I just haven’t had anytime to work on this at all.

After a little digging I found that Equallogic doesn’t just have a plug-in which enables/allows VASA, they have a whole appliance. This appliance is called the “Host Integration Tools for VMware” or HIT-VE.

It didn’t take me long to decide I was going to dedicate a post to how to set this up. It was going to be an epic post, with pictures, instructions, and examples. It was also going to be brilliantly formatted and just look gorgeous. In all honesty I had my mind set on trying to make unicorns cry with how awesome it would be.

After one more google search to see if I could find anymore info on HIT-VE, I found one.

A post from Mike Laverick, which was everything I wanted my post to be, and it also happens to be from the guy who kind of wrote the book on this sort of thing. Well maybe not on this thing specifically but close enough to where I can count it.

Anyway after all that rambling I guess what I am trying to say is for all the info you could want to know about HIT-VE……

You should definitely go check out his HIT-VE Page.

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d_glynn · March 1, 2012 at 9:39 am

Conrad, I think you are mixing up VAAI and VASA, David

    C-Rad · March 1, 2012 at 9:45 am

    You are probably right…storage still isn’t my strong suit… I corrected it and will look more into it, for my own understanding. Thanks

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