So with the big event right around the corner, everyone is getting their shit together, and making sure all their ducks are in a row.  For me this was finally getting my schedule ready so I am not running around like a crazy person at the conference. The best way for me to do that was to get my schedule into my gCalendar(just made it up), and if I could import and not have to type it in, then double win.


So after logging into the VMworld site, click My Account – My Profile at the top.

Click Schedule on the Left Hand Side, and then Export

You will be prompted with how you would like your Schedule Exported. Choose CSV, and make sure to have the checkbox “Include Column Headings” checked.

Click Export Schedule and decide what you want to name it and where you want to save it.

Next log into your google calendar and select the gear on the right side, and go down to settings.

Select the Calendars tab, and click Import Calendar.



Choose your exported and which calendar you want the events you want it Imported to,  and you’re done!

Another cool thing you can do is create a separate Calendar just for VMWorld stuff, but I wanted my schedule in my personal calendar anyway.


Hope this Helps!

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Julian Wood · August 22, 2012 at 4:46 am

Don’t forget to change the timezone to Pacific time or you will be an hour out!

    C-Rad · August 22, 2012 at 9:15 am

    That is a good catch! However, when I was writing the article I tested with doing the export with different timezones. The export looks to be timezone independent, or it doesn’t differentiate between timezones. No matter what timezone I chose it came out with the times in Pacific time, and it didn’t have a note anywhere in the export about what timezone it was for.

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