Alright, SO I kind of got caught up in VMWorld in a big way. I had no idea how freaking busy I would be, and I didn’t even make it to half the sessions I signed up for.

I got a tip from a VMWorld Vet, the night I got into town. That vet is Mike Laverick. He explained to me that the sessions I need to make sure I am at are the ones I feel like I would want to ask questions. All sessions will be posted online, and some sessions can even be summed up in the standard VMware documentation, like best practices. The important thing was to do what I wanted to do and to meet and have lots of interactions with different people.

I took his advice pretty seriously because it made a lot of sense, and I will say I had a fantastic VMWorld. I didn’t get to meet everyone I had wanted to meet, but I certainly met most of them so I cannot be too upset about that.

I did want to share a couple quick photos I took. Things that I will remember from this VMWorld. The first is the giant 360 Monitor/TV in the Hang Space.

It was pretty ginormous and continuously updated with #vmworld tweets being sent out among other things.

The second thing I will remember is the awesome Brownbag talks that happened. I know if I wasn’t actively doing something, this is where I was…

And thirdly and most importantly, I will remember the awesome people I met at VMWORLD 2012


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