Hey Everyone! I am very excited to announce that I am going to be doing some blog posts for the guys over at vBrowbag.

I know what you are thinking, as I always do; “But what is going to happen to vNoob?” To that my answer is a resounding “Nothing!”.

Along with my posts at the professionalvmare site, I will also be maintaining this site with my normal schedule of once a week/every other week —ish. I am going to attempt to have the same schedule for the professionalvmware folks as well! Which means more vNoob content overall! I am really excited to be doing and am excited that my posts will be reaching more people!

Which reminds me, if you guys aren’t familiar with vBrownbag, First kick yourself, then go visit their site. They do weekly podcasts mainly dedicated to helping all us VMware peeps get certified. My content at vBrownbag will be very similar to here, however I am going to strive to put more Certification related items there.


Anyway, Thanks to the vBrownbag guys for letting me spread my ramblings to their site. I really am honored and appreciate it!


Oh, and Check out my first post over there—- Quick Host Memory Stats with PowerCLI


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