So I was trying to set some hostsnmp the other, with powercli, as all good boys should. Then I started getting some funky errors.


Null or empty huh?

Notice in the above picture, that I first did a “get-vmhostsnmp” which also should display information everytime. Even snmp that hasn’t been set on a host. Should look something like this…


And if I wasn’t even connected to a host, I would get a third kind of error, which would essentially say “you should connect to a host silly”

So I decided to check the esxicli command and see what I got…


That doesn’t look good earlier. So I found a good KB that shows how to resolve this issue

It isn’t very tough, and involves editing the snmp.xml file on each host. Not fun, but not too bad either.

In doing so I figured out what was going on… take a look at a portion of the snmp.xml file from two hosts, the first one is the broken one and the second one is the working one….


<targets> vmware</targets>

The difference is pretty obvious. It looks like the difference is the port number and the community name. But I did specify the community name earlier.

Ok once its fixed(I used the KB above) I try again…


So even though it isn’t a specified as a mandatory parameter it seems that -TargetPort is required in order for the cmdlet to work properly.

Hope this helps!


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