I really had a hard time coming up with a title for this post. I thought vNoob VCAP-DCA  Study Guide is misleading since this isn’t actually a study guide, just my approach to the VCAP-DCA…but I digress.

Alright, I am in the middle of studying for the DCA and I thought I would take a few to share my method and approach to preparing myself for the DCA

My process is really a 3 stage thing.

In the first stage, all I did was watch the Pluralsight(formerly Trainsignal) vSphere Optimize and Scale Courses by Jason Nash. I personally found these courses really helpful. There are three course and each one runs about 5 hours. Jason, walks through all the theory and then does demos for almost everything. He also discusses what topics he thinks would make good exam questions, and which would be hard to test. Very Helpful

My second stage, which I am currently in, I am reading through the Study Guide put out there by Jason Langer and Josh Coen.  You can find it on either of their sites, Here or Here. With their guide, they walk through the blueprint, expanding and examining each bullet point giving all the information about that particular topic. Although there are a few of these types of guides out there, I am not sure if there is another one currently that is more thorough or complete.

My third and final stage has a few things going on.

I will once again go through the study guide above, however, this time I will be walking through all the steps and topics in my home lab. This way, I will have already seen all the material before, but this time actually doing it myself. I am hoping this will really ingrain the information making me remember and at the very least be familiar with all the steps involved.

Also I will be using all the vBrownbag VCAP videos to suplement my learning on topics that I haven’t had much prior experience. For me, this is mainly the Enterprise Plus features, since I do not work with them everyday. Although all the videos are available where you would expect on the vBrownbag Website, it is also Definitely worth knowing that that Nick Marshall has the videos posted on his website by order of the blueprint, which is helpful. That is here.

Finally, I am going to skim through the VMware Documentation. At some point during the exam I am sure there is something I will need to lookup, whether it is a esxcli command or  the name of some advanced configuration parameter. When this happens, I want to have a pretty good idea where I can find what I need in the documetation so I spend as little time as possible searching.


How do you study?

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