My vCenter Server was acting up and throwing a bunch of random errors. When I started investigating it appeared that the C drive was out of space. Completely Out. Yeah, I guess I haven’t been a very good administrator….

So after a few minutes of some quick cleaning and getting everything up and running I dig a bit further and see what is taking up so much space. I know it wasn’t this full recently.

Using TreeSize, I find the culprit…


Wowzer! 7GB in dump files is quite a bit.

A dump file is a log file created when an application crashes. Or a better explanation I just found on yahoo answers


That is a really good explanation of a dump file.

Here are the dump files


They are all from just 2 different days, over a month ago. At the very least there is a good chance whatever causing them is not still occurring.

The other thing about dump files, is just like log files, they are purely informational. If you do not need them, you can delete them. That doesn’t always mean you should though.

In this case, I am going to keep the last couple and delete the rest to free up a space on the drive.

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