Most people know how to do this action in the standard vSphere Client, but doing the same steps in the Web Client is slightly different so I thought I would document them for everyone.

This setting handles whether the snapshots are application-consistent or crash-consistent.

Application-Consistent snapshots means that the snapshot also has everything that was in memory/RAM at the time of the snapshot. All the running programs(Applications), processes, and even windows that were open at the time of the snapshot can be restored.

Crash-Consistent is just the opposite. It Doesn’t have everything that was in memory at the time of the snapshot. On a restore, the VM acts as if it is being started up after a Crash. All files are intact but everything that was in memory is lost.

Anyway here are the steps.

Log into the Web Client

Select vCenter

Go to Either “VMs and Templates” or “Hosts and Clusters”

Select the VM you want to change(must be offline), Manage-Settings-VM Options, Select Edit

Select the tab VM Options, and select Edit Configuration

Find disk.enableuuid, and set it to either true or false depending on what you are going for….

For the record, True=Application-Consistent, False=Crash-Consistent.

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