Recently I wanted to get some tools that would load specific resources on a guest so I could play around and run some tests. I almost immediately realized that I didn’t really have any kind of good tools/programs to use.

After some searching online I found that I still hadn’t really found the types of things I was looking for. I reached out to Jason Boche and Scott Lowe, and asked them if they could provide me with some direction. They didn’t disappoint. I was able to find some of their suggestions and found some of my own as well.

Instead of posting them in a blog post where they might quickly disappear behind newer posts, I just went ahead and made a page for them here.

This will continue to be a work in progress and I am MORE than happy to add tools to it if anyone has any suggestions.

The link is in my menu, but if you don’t want to look all the way up there, just click HERE.


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