Well the title might be slightly misleading…. My certification(VCP4) came a few weeks ago, or maybe even a bit longer than that. I don’t remember.  I have not been the most active blogger in the world, and for that I apologize, especially to those few who started following me early. Why have I not be the most active though?

Part of it is I wanted to set aside a large amount of time, because I read a couple horror stories about people updating to the newest version of WordPress. Partly because I have been learning powershell/powercli…which is awesome by the way, I will be putting up my script in the next day. I just need to put all my little comments in it first. And lastly part of it is probably just me being kind of lazy with blogging. I have been busy in other ways. Trust Me!

Anyway I took a pic of my cert and some of the books I used to acquire it, and some I am still reading.

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