So unless you live under a rock, (and if you do live under one, good for you and welcome back,) Voting has started today for the Top Virtualization Blogs of 2011. This voting takes place on V-Sphere Land, which I am sure is different things to different people, but to me it is the aggregation(yay thesaurus :)) of all the virtualization blogs in the known universe. Because of that fact and that fact alone, I happen to be listed on there with thing here that I like to call a virtualization blog.

This year’s voting is slightly different than its predecessors in along with voting for your Big Ten blogs, you are also able to vote for your top blogs in other areas. These other areas include storage, end user, scripting, and best new blog.

The latter(best new blog), is near and dear to my heart as I am in the running for best new blog!!!! Just barely though, I started this blog right around 11 months ago, and since the cutoff is 12 months, I made it in just by a smidgen.

Winning Best New Blog would be awesome, but there are just so many great blogs out there… I guess we will see. I know Josh Atwell is also in for best new blog, but well, I hear he kicks puppies and steals candy from kids. Atleast that is the word on the street!!! Seriously though, he is also a great guy and has a great blog, not to mention all the other bloggers with which I am not familiar. It is honestly anyones game.

Alright I think I am done rambling. If you are reading this blog and have not voted you should go Vote Now.

PS. A vote for me is a vote for Freedom…Don’t forget that 🙂

Found pic here.

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Josh Atwell · February 29, 2012 at 11:55 am

Not sure how I missed this but I would like to clear something up about such accusations.
1. I kick puppies. FALSE I kick cats
2. I steal candy from kids. TRUE My son has sticky fingers!
3. I am honestly a great guy. TBD But I appreciate that!
4. I have a great blog. Thanks for reading!

Thanks for the mention and the kind words! Appreciated! Keep up the great work yourself!

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