Chapter 12 Multitasking with Background Jobs

I am sure it didn’t, but it certainly felt like this chapter contained everything there was to know about jobs. Wow, I had no idea there was even that much to jobs. Per what is increasingly becoming the standard, this chapter has made me say “Wow, I should start using (insert cmdlet) more!”. This for this chapter it was jobs(start-job). It was also great learning about childjobs, which I honestly had no idea even existed.

I also felt chapter was incredibly well written. I personally am not the best reader on the planet. I get distracted easily and sometimes start thinking about other things only to realize I am a page or two ahead of where I remember being. This happens with pretty much all books, and all authors. This chapter, not only kept my attention the whole time, but presented the material in a very understandable way, so I didn’t have to go back and say “How did he do that?”.

Awesome Awesome Chapter!

P.S. And there was no lab in this chapter!

Chapter 13 Working with bunches of objects, one at a time

I have always wondered how to get information about methods and there arguments inside of powershell. Now I can’t, gotta use a search engine.

This was a great chapter for how to work with “bunches of objects, one at a time”. The chapter name doesn’t lie. It went through all the various ways, and explained their differences. When accomplishing goals in powershell, I often don’t think about how one way of doing it is different than another. I just care if the way I have chosen works. This chapter very clearly illustrates not only the different way, but how they are different than one another. This is important to understand in order for powershell to do the most work it can for you.

There was also a great recap at the end highlighting a second time all the different approaches and how they differ. I really really like nice well organized recap sections, and this one didn’t disappoint.

It was also very nice seeing each part of a  command highlighted with labels and arrows.

Chapter 14 Security alert!

This was a chapter that dealt mostly with the execution policy of powershell and the digital-signing of scripts. Also enjoyable at the beginning of the chapter was an intro into the history of Microsoft and powershell security, and more importantly a detailed description of Why the security in powershell is the way it is. This is not only important for everyone who uses powershell, but the description itself was very concise, interesting, and was I thought a perfect length.

Looking at the layout of the chapters it seems odd that the chapter on security would be placed between the chapter on working with bunches of object, and the chapter on variables(which is next). At least I say on paper it looks like a weird placement.  However to me it felt like a very natural place to put it. At this point in the book there hadn’t been much talk on security so when I saw this chapter was coming up I got excited. This chapter also provided a nice break from the scripting  and cmdlet that we have been learning. It is no wonder it is the middle chapter in the book 🙂


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