Changing VMware Update Manager Plugin Credentials


So let’s say you want to change the credentials that the VUM Plugin has been registered with VMware with….

Why would you want to do this one might ask. Well lets say your company is restructuring the service accounts that are used for various programs and apps that they run. That’s one reason. A second reason might be that the IP address of vCenter has changed. A third reason might be you used personal admin account to register the plugin with vCenter….not that anyone would do that….. and now your password has changed.

I have read that once the VUM plugin is registered with vCenter that it no longer uses or needs those original credentials. I am not saying that is false, I am just saying I have a “friend” that once his AD user account password changed, he started having issues with VUM talking with vCenter, and doing this fixed it.

Fortunately this is something that is pretty easy to fix, although it might not be obvious how to fix it at first.

First thing one might do is RDP into the VUM server and take a look around, it is certainly where I would start. However if you are looking for some sort of a client in Start-Programs, you are looking in the wrong spot… And the right spot might be hard to find.

Try here



Yep that is the application you need. The VMware Update Manager Utility. Go Ahead and Launch That!

On launch you will be prompted to login



Once logged in Select “Re-Register to vCenter Server”… Enter the info and Hit Apply!




That’s pretty much it.

Afterward you need to restart the Update Manager service on the VUM Server, and then you are done. Pretty straightforward when you know where to look.

2 thoughts on “Changing VMware Update Manager Plugin Credentials”

  1. Do you know what minimum permission this account needs in vcenter? does it really need administrator role permissions or is their an acceptable minimum?

    1. Great Question! Part of me wants to say it needs to be Admin, part of me thinks it doesn’t have to be….Honestly I am not sure myself. After a quick googling I couldn’t easily find an answer either. Here is a minimum requirements KB
      But it doesn’t discuss permissions to vCenter.

      Your best bet would probably be asking on the VMware update manager forums

      I would also be very interested in what you find out!

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