It is that time of year again where everyone votes for their Top Blogs!!!

Last year I was excited to be placed 135, which was much higher than my previous year 163. This year I hope I can move up even more.

A big thanks also goes out to Eric Siebert, who puts this together every year!

So if my ramblings on here help at all, Please Vote!. You can also find me in the Scripting and Independent Blogger categories.

Also, here is a  list of all the members of the vDB(Virtual Distributed Braintrust). So you should probably vote for all of them as well! 🙂

  1. Josh Coen: ValCo Labs
  2. Josh Atwell: vTesseract
  3. Conrad Ramos: vNoob
  4. Jason Langer: Virtual Langer
  5. James Bowling: vSential
  6. Mike Preston:
  7. Damian Karlson: vmDK
  8. G. Chapman: Thankfully the Raid is Gone 

Regardless of who you favorite blogger is (obviously vNoob), you should go VOTE!!


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