This is especially useful for SMB who don’t have large environments, and can’t throw resources at a vCenter Server

This is what one of my vCenter Servers looked like recently



To give some insight, this is a vCenter that manages around 3 hosts and 50 VMs. I quickly found a KB about java memory usage and vCenter. It gives the standard usage numbers for some of the vCenter services.


Now I am nowhere near 100 hosts or 1000 VMs, so I think we need to change some of this.

To change it we have to open up the wrapper.conf of each of the services and change the memory value. The big offenders I found were the obvious ones listed like Inventory and Profile Driven services. Another one that was automatically set to 1GB was WebClient. Everything else for me seemed to be 512MB or under. Here is the location of some of the “big” ones….


When you first select what size of environment you have (Small, Medium, Large) in the vCenter installation is when(99% sure) these initially get set. So if you made a bad choice at that time, you may want to check these values as well. 

The other thing that should probably be said, is that when/if you change these values, that is the amount of RAM you will be able to use for these services. This can definitely affect performance if you set them TOO low. Buyer Beware 😛

Conversely, if you feel like your Inventory service needs more RAM… 🙂

And finally be sure to check the KB for all the info


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