Yes, Puppet has been out for a while now. Yes, I am sure a ton of people already have “Getting Started with Puppet” posts.

Well, I am going to do it.

I have been wanting to become more familiar with Puppet for a while and just haven’t sat down to do it. Looking at the site I saw they have a “Learning VM” which has “quests” to learn puppet. LaaG, or Learning as a Game, I am Down!

It was a pretty simple process downloading and then setting up the VM in Workstation. The included pdf also has instructions for setup in VirtualBox.


After a quick start up and making sure it has a valid IP I can start the Quests!

The walkthrough pdf is great. All the steps are clearly out lined, and each of the tasks of a quests are clearly marked so you don’t miss anything.


The Learning VM is linux, which is not my strongest suit, but they have built in a few things to help. The first being a quest tracker(just like a video Game!).


Once you start a quest, as directed by the walkthrough pdf, you can check your progress by either typing quest –progress


Or if you don’t need all the details, just look in the lower right corner of the console


Pretty intuitive.

As you can see in the above screens my first real quest is setting up a website, during which I saw the Puppet Enterprise console…


This definitely looks a bit daunting at first glance, but I am hopeful at the end of the quests it will be a new friend!

Initial reaction is that the Learning VM for Puppet is pretty intuitive, well documented, and enjoyable. I am not sure I could ask for more. Keep tuned for more posts as I work my way through it!

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