Sunday was a pretty interesting day. After waking up a bit late, since there wasn’t much going on I head down to check in to the conference and check out the Hand’s on Labs(HOLs).

This however turned out to be not the best though, as soon as the labs opened the wait was immediately an hour long. Some of the labs are up to an hour long, so the line quickly grew to be over an hour wait itself, not to mention it wasn’t moving too fast.

So myself and a couple other guys decided to head down to the Wharf, and check out some of the sites. I got to eat some pretty decent food and some street performers.

After the wharf, it was time to head back to my hotel and get ready for the Welcome Reception and Party. This was pretty great because the reception included all the vendors and their booths. Needless to say, there were a Ton Of Them.

Oh, and did I mention Brent Spinerwas there. You may know him as Data from Star Trek:TNG. Yeah…

No…big…dea…Ok, it was kind of awesome!

The vmunderground party was next up on the list. This happened to be at Jillian’s right across the street from the conference. It was an AWESOME time. Here again, I got to meet a ton of people who I have chatted with and tweeted with before, but had never actually met them in person. Free beer and wine for the duration of the party, a few prizes given out. All around a great time.


And a Great Day!

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