When doing an Advanced Performance Chart in vCenter, do you ever wonder why you can’t choose the same metrics for a date range as you can for real-time?
Well, I am happy you asked.

The metrics you can choose from are based upon the vCenter Statistics Level you have set. Go to Administration-vCenter Server Settings-Statistics

vCenter Statistics Levels

vCenter Statistics Levels

The higher the level you set, the more metrics you will be able to choose in the performance charts. I personally keep mine at 4(the highest), but that is mainly because I have a small environment and am not too worried about the increase in database size. In general, 4 is recommended for debugging. For a list of the level and what metrics are associated with each, check Here.

It should also be noted that changing the level is not retroactive. For example, if you are just now changing your level from 1 to 2, you are not going to now be able to see vm swap out rates for the last year. For this reason it is a good practice to set the level you want to have immediately so you have your data later.

Let me know what you think of the post! I am thinking about making “Quick Tip” a regular around these parts



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