I have both fortunately and unfortunately worked with HA a lot lately. I have a process that resolves most of the host HA configuration errors I come across. Obviously it won’t fix the specific errors relating to a vswitch or shared storage etc., but it does fix most of my errors.

When a host throws a HA configuration error these are the first things I do to try and resolve it.

  1. Put the host into maintenance mode
  2. Remove the host from the cluster
  3. Reboot the host
  4. Place the host back in the cluster
  5. Exit the host from maintenance mode

To most people this probably just seems like common sense stuff, and for the most part you are probably right. However I find that it is the common sense things that are the hardest to find information on online. This is exetremely frustrating for people who are just learning and new to VMware.  There are several times I have known that something probably had a super easy fix or work around, but because of how easy it was, I just couldn’t find anything about it….


Anyway, quick post, hopefully it is able to help someone out there.


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