Here it is, my first certification study guide. It helped me a decent amount for the exam so I am hoping it can help others as well. There are a few things I want to mention first.


The vast majority of the guide is not new or original content from me, it is mainly copied and pasted sections of various VMware documentation. As such, throughout a good portion of the guide you will see links to the exact document and section where the full information resides. This alone is kind of a useful study tool as you are always able to get more information regarding a particular subject if needed.


There are only a few sections of the guide I completed after the exam. This is because although I may have had information in a section before the exam, I knew it wasn’t the correct information and was already studying other things to supplement my bad info. So I took out my poor information and replaced it with hopefully better info for studying.

As I post new sections of the guide, the links will be updated below. After everything has been posted, I will create a pdf with everything since I know that is what I would want.

There may be slight formatting errors here and there, so please, relax.

Lastly, with VMware’s new yearly Cert release schedule, please feel free to use this and update and post to your blogs for future versions of the certification, just  give me credit.


Section 1: Install and Configure Horizon Server Components

Section 2: Create and Configure Pools

Section 3: REMOVED FROM EXAM —–DONE!!!!!

Section 4: Configure and Manage Identity Manager

Section 5: Configure and Manage User Environment Manager

Section 6: Configure and Manage App Volumes

Section 7: Configure vRealize Operations for Horizon

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DBaker · October 2, 2019 at 11:25 am

Thanks for sharing this and putting it together. I’m looking to do my first vcp, how long did it take you and did it prove valuable in your job?

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