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Quick Tip: Check VMs for VMTools Upgrade Policy

I know I have posted before regarding changing the vmtools upgrade policy, which you can find here. I noticed that I didn’t have an explanation about how to check the current vmtools upgrade policy.

Fortunately, it is just an easy one-liner 🙂


get-view -ViewType virtualmachine| format-table name, @{name="ToolsUpgradePolicy";E={$}}

Granted, I select out just the name and the upgrade policy, so if you wanted the output to be different, it would be easy enough to do so.














From there you can go back to my original post, and change the settings you want.


QuickTip: Quick Check for VMs with CDDrives attached

Hey Everyone!!! I just wanted to do a quicktip for how you can quickly check to see which of your VMs have CD Drives connected to them. YAY One-Liners!!! “get-vm |Get-CDDRive | Where-Object {$_.connectionstate.connected -like $true} |Select parent, isopath, hostdevice, remotedevice” This will check all your VMs with CDDrives connected You might be surprised what… Continue Reading

QuickTip:Manage VM NTP with PowerCLI

One thing that can cause a lot of headaches for a VM and an infrastructure in general is incorrect NTP configuration. Fortunately for a VM, there is mainly one setting for NTP outside of guest OS…Whether you want to get your time(NTP) from the vm’s host. There are really only two reasons you want to… Continue Reading

Quick Tip: Full vCenter Transaction Log Errors

A while ago my vCenter Service shutdown and I could not get it restarted.  I looked in the event logs of the server and found this guy Log Name:      Application Source:        MSSQL$SQLEXP_VIM Date:          11/14/2011 6:02:25 PM Event ID:      9002 Task Category: (2) Level:         Error Keywords:      Classic User:          SYSTEM Computer: Description: The transaction log for database… Continue Reading

HA Configuration Errors

I have both fortunately and unfortunately worked with HA a lot lately. I have a process that resolves most of the host HA configuration errors I come across. Obviously it won’t fix the specific errors relating to a vswitch or shared storage etc., but it does fix most of my errors. When a host throws… Continue Reading

Quick Tip: vCenter Keyboard Shortcuts

vCenter Keyboard Shortcuts Even though vCenter does a pretty good job of telling us what the keyboard shortcuts are, most of us don’t pay attention until someone tells us directly….I know I didn’t. So here is me telling you directly 🙂 Also I can’t quite get the formatting to look right…so I apologize if everything… Continue Reading

Quick Tip: vCenter Logging Statistics

When doing an Advanced Performance Chart in vCenter, do you ever wonder why you can’t choose the same metrics for a date range as you can for real-time? Well, I am happy you asked. The metrics you can choose from are based upon the vCenter Statistics Level you have set. Go to Administration-vCenter Server Settings-Statistics… Continue Reading